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For every woman aged 40-44 there were only 0.92 men.Mr Salt said another factor was that men who divorced typically re-partnered more quickly than women. when [men in their 40s] look in the mirror, they need to discount their hotness by the proportion by which there are more women than men," he said.I'd like to say it was a conscious decision to expand my horizons and see if what I was looking for transcended gender. Instead, the events that became what I affectionately call my "lesbian year" was the result of one too many glasses of wine, as many unplanned adventures are. Waking up the next morning, I was surprised to discover her beside me in my bed. And therein lies the greatest lesson I learnt from the experience - seeing my behaviour reflected back to me. Watching someone else do the things you've unconsciously done a thousand times before is an eye opener. It wasn't an easy or short journey to get here, but those experiences were vital in coming to understand how to be in a relationship.Although I hadn't been having much luck with men - my most recent prospect was a booty-call arrangement with a barman half my height - that wasn't my motivation for exploring the other side. Or I should say "woman", as one at a time is more than enough. So surprised, I couldn't get her out of the house fast enough. It's easy to judge the desperate actions of single women who've been flying solo for a spell. Ultimately, dating women made me a better straight person.The Synod on the Family that was continuing at this time of their study had also provided much food for thought for the students as they examined the vocation of married life.A new doggy speed dating service has been set up to help Aucklanders find love this Valentine’s Day.In my late 20s I took on an extra job as a speed-dating host. And boy, were they keen to share their dating tales of woe.Like many women my age, I'd been single for a stretch and while some additional coin sounded sweet, I also figured it'd be a great way to meet a lot of men. There was a common refrain that I heard many times - the disappearing man syndrome.

“Some will be looking for lasting relationships, but some are just happy for a casual fling on the day.

"But having said that, women are smart, men are dumb.

They're not settling for anything less, if they don't like you they'll just walk away.

Auckland Got a Trade Speed Meet took place at the end of October 2016 in South Auckland.

The Speed Meet concept involves employers, jobseekers and secondary school students coming together speed-dating style, via short six minute mini-interviews.

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